agriculture - tractor drill


Located in Durris, Royal Deeside, we are a fully self sufficient family owned agricultural operation providing the highest quality of malting barley for our scottish distillers. With an impressive fleet of modern machinery and technology, we strive for quality in all of our produce.

Our continuous efforts to maintain, improve and maximise all aspects of our land has enabled us to improve our efficiency, improved yields and adopting new practices to always better how we work. We minimise waste as we find use for any byproducts – whether this is crushing stone lifted from the land for our groundwork operations or using our straw as a regenerative fuel source for our biomass system – we work hard to stay efficient in our current climate.

We provide the full grass crop service to make the best equine hay and haylage for our sister company Bogenraith Equestrian and look forward to expanding our services elsewhere.