tractor stone raking in field

We offer the unique service of stone raking, we have found this is the most efficient way of transforming your land and allowing it to reach its true potential, as well as removing the stone we are providing less wear and damage on your machinery benefiting both immediately and long term.

We operate an ELHO Scorpio 550 – unlike other stone rakes, ours is not PTO driven. This allows us to reverse the intake and remove any jammed stone – meaning minimal stoppages and down time for our customers. At 5.5M wide this machine is the best option to improve your land.

We have seen it excel in various scenarios and tough conditions such as, hill ground in the highlands turned into grazing plots for livestock, reinstatement of a quarry back into fields, and stone infested land transformed into easy working arable land for many farmers.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information and machine availability.

Stone raking in field